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C4TC15 – Photos now posted!

Thank you all for your patience! Our friends at DSP have graciously uploaded photos from our event this season for you to download for free!  For more information about the photos, or to order prints or posters, please email     Check out the photos here:

Coach Kristie

Coach Kristie from Cheetahs chops it off too!

When I was younger I was often bullied or picked on for having short hair as a girl, and had people often mistaken me as a boy. Especially when I joined ballet and they made it mandatory since you had to tie your hair up in a bun for class. So for my whole life […]


Mckenzie from All Star Athletics is rocking short hair too!

My daughter Mckenzie cheers for All Star Athletics in Beamsville, ON on their Mini Meteorites team. Kenzie has always had long hair, only having had 3 trims in her whole 7 years! Last week she took the #hairchopchallenge and cut 7.5 inches off!! Although she was sad she couldn’t meet the requirements for donation (those […]


Kingslea from CheerForce Wolfpack chops it off!

 My daughter Kingslea has cut her hair for cancer twice for cancer. The first time she was 6, the second time she was 9 which was recently this year.  She was initially motivated to cut her hair when a boy in her school was diagnosed with cancer.  Just previously to that diagnosis she had lost […]


Robynne from Cheetahs takes the #HairChopChallenge!

From her coach, Tracey: One of our mini Chantilly Cheetahs has been growing her hair for a couple years now. Ever since her first competition at cheer for the cure, she has wanted to do something special for the cure. This year her hair became too long to tumble without stepping on it!  She decided […]


Hair cut for a Cure!

This season Cheer for the Cure wants to challenge you! Hi, I’m Hana (Cheer for the Cure registrar), and last week I cut most of my hair off, and am planning on donating it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths so they can create a wig for someone fighting cancer.  Let me tell you- I was dreading cutting my […]


C4TC 2015 is now scheduled!

We are excited to announce that Cheer for the Cure 2015 is headed back to the GM Centre in Oshawa, Ontario! Early Bird deadline is September 30, and while we know it may seem like a long way off, this is bound to be our biggest event yet!  We can’t wait to see what Cheer […]

R-C4TC-Flyers All-starz cheerleading


Here at Cheer for the Cure we are extremely proud of all of teams who represented us at USASF Worlds. Two of our teams made it to the podium this year! Congrats to Flyers All Starz Karma, who won the silver medal in the Int’l Open 6 division, and to Cheer Sport Great White Sharks, […]


Cheering For Friends and Family

My name is Mariah and I cheer with the Cheerforce Wolfpack.  I am cheering for my everyone who has been affected with cancer.  My friends and family.  I am also cheering for all children who are battling this awful disease.  Lastly I am cheering for my daddy who died before he ever got to see me cheer.  Hi, […]


Cheering For Oma

My name is Kayla Slade and I am a coach and past athlete at Cheetah’s Cheerleading in Newmarket, Ontario.I have been attending Cheer for the Cure since I was an athlete in 2008 and C4TC means a TON to myself and countless athletes and staff at our gym because it helps spread the word and […]