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“If you think your routine is hard, try battling cancer”– Laura Scott cheers for her mother and stepfather

Laura Scott is a cheerleader at UCC Panthers, and this year she is cheering for her Stepfather, as well as her Mother. Here is her story: “Hello my name is Laura, I have had many family members suffer the tough battle of cancer and some weren’t able to fight it. It hurt to see my family […]

Hawaiian Sharks are cheering for Karen!

On December 4th, the Hawaiian Sharks will take the floor wearing pink bows in honour of Karen Baldassarra. Her is her story: “To the Hawaiian Sharks Family Any kind of cancer is a crappy thing to have to go through. Side effects include, but are not limited to: nausea, hair loss, lack of energy, loss […]

Lauren from Cheersport River Sharks is cheering for her mom!

Click: here to watch Lauren’s Video Submission! “Lauren is cheering for her mother, Patty. Patty works at the Cancer Centre of Eastern Ontario. She delivers chemotherapy to patients who struggle every day with cancer. Unfortunately, Patty was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. So this year, Lauren is cheering for her mom!”  

Ainsley is Cheering for her Mom!

Ainsley cheers for her mother, who never quits cheering for her: “My name is Ainsley Williamson and I cheer for NNY Cheer Pink Flamingo’s. This year, I am cheering for my biggest fan– my mom. She has fought cancer (Lymphoma) twice, still never missing a competition. As a gym, NNY Cheer  takes  part in the […]

Giuliana makes the cut for cancer!

“Giuliana, who cheers for the Cheer Strike Royals, Heiress team decided to chop her hair and donated it to Pantene, Beautiful Lengths program. Giuliana is always thinking of others before herself so when she asked me it wasn’t a surprise. She donated it on behalf of her great aunt Cari who is a breast cancer survivor. Giuliana is […]

Running for Breast Cancer Awareness!

  Cheer Strike Royals are sharing their story! “On October 2nd we were proud of our team of Royal parents who together raised over $1800.00 and participated in the CIBC Run for the Cure. With their children, Royal athletes, cheering on the sidelines of the run, our amazing Royal Family taught their kids what it […]

Cheering For Grandma!

Story sent from Maddie’s mother: “Maddie is a spunky and fun-loving flyer on the Megamouth Mini 2 team with the Cheer Sport Sharks. Cancer has been a nightmare in our family and taken the lives of many loved ones including her Aunt Jean, Aunt Teresa, Uncle Bob, and Great Nana and Great Papa. She’s cheering […]


C4TC15 – Photos now posted!

Thank you all for your patience! Our friends at DSP have graciously uploaded photos from our event this season for you to download for free!  For more information about the photos, or to order prints or posters, please email     Check out the photos here:

Coach Kristie

Coach Kristie from Cheetahs chops it off too!

When I was younger I was often bullied or picked on for having short hair as a girl, and had people often mistaken me as a boy. Especially when I joined ballet and they made it mandatory since you had to tie your hair up in a bun for class. So for my whole life […]