All Star Divisions

Cheer for the Cure follows IASF division guidelines for all star teams as found here: Age Grid

Exceptions to IASF division guidelines for Cheer for the Cure competitions:


Division Level Age* Participants Notes
All Star Prep 1 T, M, Yth, Jr, Sr 5-36 Please see below for more info.
All Star Prep 2 Jr, Sr 5-36 Please see below for more info.
Open 6 17+ up to 36 At non-Worlds qualifying events.
Int’l Open 4.2 14+ up to 36 Follow FCQ rules for all events.
Parent (NC) Any age Unlimited Modified rules- please contact for more info.

*Athletes must be in this age category as of August 31, 2017 for the 2017-2018 competitive season.
Exception: Athletes competing in Int’l Open 5 and 6 divisions must be in this age category as of December 31, 2017 for the 2017-2018 competitive season.

** Please email for more information.


All Star Rules

Level Link Season
General Guidelines USASF 2017-2019
Level 1 USASF 2017-2019
Level 2 USASF 2017-2019
Level 3 USASF 2017-2019
Level 4 USASF 2017-2019
Level 4.2 USASF 2017-2019
Level 5 USASF 2017-2019
Level 5Y USASF 2017-2019
Level 5R USASF 2017-2019
Level 6 USASF 2017-2019

All Star Prep

  • Level 1 and Level 2 All Star Prep teams will follow the USASF guidelines for Levels 1 and 2 accordingly
  • Teams may consist of both males and females
  • Maximum routine length is 2:00 minutes
  • Athletes are NOT allowed to compete in both the Prep and Standard (non-Prep) divisions


Worlds Bid Teams
Worlds Bid Declaration: Available here

  • Review the updates to the Cheerleading Worlds Substitutes/Alternates policy: New At Worlds for 2016
  • CFTC will support the Canadian Event Producers decision to only allow a maximum of 2 athletes on each Worlds Team roster to crossover to an additional Worlds Team roster. All other athletes competing for a bid must be original athletes that may only crossover to non-worlds teams for qualifying bid events. For more information on this rule or the Canadian Event Producer group please email