Who are you cheering for?

Crown Sharks are cheering for Jade & Lilybelle

The Crown Sharks are a J2 team from the Cheer Sport Sharks Cambridge and we are cheering for a very special mom and daughter from our team.  The team is made up of 23 wonderful girls along with three coaches.

April 2018 Lilybelle was diagnosed with liver cancer.  She was very positive with herself and her daughter that she would be totally fine and beat it.  Unfortunately it was too far along and Lillybelle passed away at the age of 39 on Oct 4th leaving behind her 13 year old Crown Shark.

The team knew that Jade was going to need a lot of support and as a team attended the visitation for Lilybelle.  They wanted to show Jade they no matter what she was part of their team and they wanted to her continue with cheer.

Lilybelle was a loving, caring, fun individual who loved baking along with watching Jade at cheer or watching a movie or two.  She working very hard as a single mom to provide the best life she could for her daughter who meant everything to her.  As Jade wrote “this amazing woman is an amazing role model for anyone and never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face. She always had the best attitude for anything and wasn’t afraid to do anything out of her comfort zone.  She loved everyone and had little to no people that disliked her.  Overall she is just one of the only people I look up to in my life and I can say that I loved everything she did, from just dancing around the kitchen to her long lectures that could last for hours.  I loved her so much, and I’m so happy she was here for the 13 years that I have been alive.”

The Lissard House in Cambridge is an amazing hospice that we are raising money for today.  One of our talented moms spent hours creating special bows in support of Lilybelle.  We will wear these bows in honor of her at cheer for the cure.  Each family made a donation for the bow which we will donate to the hospice.  We really hope we can make a difference for the patients that live their last few days as comfortable as possible.

This competition is an amazing way to raise money and awareness.  Crown Sharks are ready to “Cheer for the Cure”!



Savana is cheering for her Aunt Kay

Hi, my name is Savana Aljoe and I am an athlete of the  Cheer Sport Sharks Whitespotted Junior. This year, I lost one of the most important people in my life to cancer– my Aunt Kay. I am not only cheering for her, I am also cheering for one of my moms co-workers as well as one of her students parents who is battling this disease. I am cheering so that one day in the future, we can find a cure for such a terrible disease.

Megan is cheering for her Grandpa and Aunt Carol!

Hi, my name is Megan Saulnier and I am an athlete on Royalty Elite Queens (IO5). This year I lost 2 important family members to this horrible disease. The sweetest person you would ever meet, my Aunt Carol. Carol fought stage 4 pancreatic cancer for 6 months and lost her fight in May. I am also cheering for my Grandpa who fought several different cancers including kidney, bladder and lung cancer for 6 years. Unfortunately he lost his fight just 3 days after my birthday in July. They have always cheered for me but this year and every year I will be cheering for them, my grandma, my cheer mom’s husband David, and anyone else affected by cancer ❤️

Hunter is cheering for her amazing mom!


Hi, my name is Hunter and I cheer for Royalty Elite in Ottawa. I have been involved in competitive cheerleading for 8 years. Each year I cheer for my mom. I was only 2 years old, when my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I don’t remember much about my mom’s treatment but I know she fought hard to beat it. She went through a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, Herceptin treatments and reconstructive surgery. My mom tells me that I refused to leave her bedroom whenever the homecare nurses came for visits so I became their little helper. My brother grew his hair out and donated 12 inches when he was in grade 6. My mom used to push me around in my stroller at Run for the Cure in Ottawa and now I get to cheer for her with my team at Cheer for the Cure. She is a 10 year survivor and doesn’t let anything stop her!



Cheer Sport Blacktip Sharks are cheering for EVERYONE!




bt bt2

Who WE are cheering for…..


We would like to introduce you to our team.  We are the Blacktip Sharks, a Youth Level 1 team from Cheer Sport Sharks  (www.cheersportsharks.com).   Our team is made up of 30 wonderful young girls, between the ages of 6-11.  We are lucky to have some very strong, inspiring female role models as our coaches: Ali Moffat, Dana Callan, Taylor Balucha and Charlotte Frazer and of course our amazing CIT’s. Our cheer Mom Christine Dwyer-Fraser is second to none.
Many of our Blacktip families hold Breast Cancer awareness and research dear to their hearts and have been touched in some way by this terrible disease. I personally am a family member, friend, and colleague of women who have been affected by a diagnosis.
In the weeks leading up to Cheer for the Cure, one of the talented Mom’s on our team (along with her equally talented daughter) spent many hours creating special bows in support of breast cancer awareness.  We will wear these bows at Cheer for the Cure to honour all of those in our lives who have been touched by this disease.  Each family made a donation when we received our bow and all of the money that was collected will go the Breast Cancer society in hopes that when our little Blacktips grow up, there will be a cure. That breast cancer will be wiped off the face of the earth. We can make a difference for our children’s futures by rallying together in support of this great cause.  So when you see us out there on Saturday sporting our custom-made bows, know that we really are…Cheering for the Cure.

It’s feels good to be part of something bigger than ourselves. When you attend the upcoming CFTC  competition, remember that YOU are making an impact, one individual at a time.  We CAN make a difference.  Already research indicates that “Breast cancer deaths have decreased by 44 percent since the peak in 1987 due to earlier detection through regular screening” (https://www.bcrf.org).  It is research funds through donations that have helped to make this difference. It gives up hope for a breast cancer free future.

I would like to thank our team and all the many strong and beautiful women and men who surround us.
Let’s all “Cheer for the Cure”!

Saila will have her mom on her mind at Cheer for the Cure!!


saila and tally


My name is Saila, and I am an athlete at Cheer Sport Sharks in Ottawa. My family and I have fought through the cancer world for awhile now, and I would like to share our story.

This story begins at the end of August 2016, where a suspicious lump was found on the left side of my Mom’s breast. Calls were delivered and appointments were made within the day of discovery. I remember vividly sitting in exam room #5 of our local medical centre, with a pit in my stomach. I just knew something was off and that feeling is something I’ll never forget. Barely a week later we were sent to the Women’s Breast Health Centre, while I sat in a waiting room and mindlessly double-tapped a plethora of instagram photos, not allowed to be let into the examination and procedure rooms. Hours passed before my Mom came from behind the mazes of beige walls, I felt like at that point, we both knew even though it wasn’t confirmed. But, I had a feeling. 


Officially, her invasive stage 2 breast cancer was confirmed a week before I began the eighth grade. I helped her cut off her 12” pony tail and we started a long process of surgeries to remove the 10 tumours (with still more to come), intensive chemotherapy, and 30 radiation sessions followed. Every grey cloud has a silver lining, as through this rough patch, we discovered baldness can be better with glitter, the sound of the chemo and radiation bell ringing is wonderful. We had bouquets and supporting gifts coming to the house biweekly, and one even for myself – in which I was led to discover the world of all-star-cheer!

When I’m competing in a few weeks from now, I will think of the strength my family held, the care others gave, and the love from all!


Saila “

“If you think your routine is hard, try battling cancer”– Laura Scott cheers for her mother and stepfather

Laura Scott is a cheerleader at UCC Panthers, and this year she is cheering for her Stepfather, as well as her Mother. Here is her story:

“Hello my name is Laura, I have had many family members suffer the tough battle of cancer and some weren’t able to fight it. It hurt to see my family members struggle. It wasn’t until my step dad was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer that cancer really hit home. I watched him struggle, through chemotherapy dates and surgeries. The family was devastated. The doctor told us “he doesn’t have much time left”. He could barely leave his room, he definitely couldn’t work and on top of that was struggling to pay the medical bills for his cancer treatments/medications. Until one day a miracle happened he started feeling a bit better, he left his room and most of all he discovered soon after that, he was now in remission. He is still here today and I am thankful. After the good news we unfortunately heard more bad news. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She is doing chemo, working full time as a construction worker, and raising four kids, while paying the cheer bills. She says “I have overcome so many bad things in my life and I WILL beat this one too”.

Hawaiian Sharks are cheering for Karen!

On December 4th, the Hawaiian Sharks will take the floor wearing pink bows in honour of Karen Baldassarra. Her is her story:

“To the Hawaiian Sharks Family

Any kind of cancer is a crappy thing to have to go through. Side effects include, but are not limited to: nausea, hair loss, lack of energy, loss of self… and the list goes on! Cancer patients survive because of the support network behind them, who hold them up when the treatment, the medical news or even the day suck. It’s the support network who bring flowers, send uplifting notes, bring food, give you hugs, ask you how you are and have your back NO MATTER WHAT, that gets you through this. Thank you to the HAWAIIAN SHARK FAMILY for having my family’s back during my recent cancer experience. The HAWAIIAN SHARKS from Ancaster will proudly wear pink bows at their performance at the Cheer for the Cure in Oshawa, on Sunday, December 4, in support of my fight against breast cancer. I have beaten it, but could not have done so without the wonderful support from these girls, their coaches and their parents who had our back. Please join us in being front and centre, cheering for our girls, on Sunday at 3:45. Thank you so much!!……..The Baldassarra’s”


Lauren from Cheersport River Sharks is cheering for her mom!

Click: here to watch Lauren’s Video Submission!

“Lauren is cheering for her mother, Patty. Patty works at the Cancer Centre of Eastern Ontario. She delivers chemotherapy to patients who struggle every day with cancer. Unfortunately, Patty was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. So this year, Lauren is cheering for her mom!”


Ainsley is Cheering for her Mom!

Ainsley cheers for her mother, who never quits cheering for her:

“My name is Ainsley Williamson and I cheer for NNY Cheer Pink Flamingo’s. This year, I am cheering for my biggest fan– my mom. She has fought cancer (Lymphoma) twice, still never missing a competition. As a gym, NNY Cheer  takes  part in the American Cancer Society Relay for life for the past 7 years. We are so excited to come up for Cheer for the Cure again this year!”