Who are you cheering for?

Cheering For Sandee Fusco

My name is Stephany and I am a coach for Flyers All-Starz in Montreal. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of ’98. She battled with this illness for 12 years, and despite all her treatments, doctors appointments and surgeries she managed to be my biggest fan throughout my entire cheerleading career, always supporting me at every showcase and competition. My mother lost her battle with cancer in december of 2010, the same year I had finally made it onto a worlds team and was ready to make my dream a reality. Loosing a mother is the hardest thing anyone can ever experience, she was my everything, my best friend and to know that she wouldn’t be able to see me compete on that stage in Disney World was devastating. My 2010-2011 cheerleading season became bitter sweet, cheerleading helped me cope and don’t know how I could have made it through without my coaches and team mates. Once at worlds, ready to compete with my all-girl level 6 team I knew my mom was by my side and my performance would be for her. I know for a fact that she looked over me and my team, after an amazing first run and feeling like our goals had been accomplished, we managed to make it to day 2 and leave our hearts of the floor for a second time. s. Winning worlds felt like a dream, one I could have never accomplished without my mother, her unconditional love and support that allowed me to continue my passion. I cheer for my mom, Sandee Fusco, because she always cheered for me and also for every other woman out there who has had to face this terrifying disease, stay strong we are in this together.

Stephany De Rosa

Eric and Melinda La Violette Cheer for the Family and Friends

This year, I have the chance of having my daughter on the same team as me IOC5 Black Lightning from Sherbrooke. There is simply too much cancer around us. My father in law was affected many years ago, I have a friend suffering with it right now, my wife lost a good friend to it 3 years ago leaving 2 young born behind. Her boss got it and now less than a week ago she learned that one of her good friends has breast cancer. We have many reasons for cheering for the cure!
Eric La Violette and Melinda La Violette

Cheering for Auntie Janet

My name is Emma Martin, I am 11 years old  I am cheering for my Auntie Janet who was diagnosed with cervical cancer almost a year ago.  She has gone thru treatment and we are hoping that she has beat it !
My Aunt Janet lives in Nanaimo but she has always been an inspiration to me.  When I am struggling with anything in my life, I think of her smile and her laughter and that make me keep going.  I am not afraid of anything because I know what she has gone thru to get better.
I have a picture of my Auntie Janet going for her 1st treatment.  She has a teal jacket which is the color of my cheer gym Cheer Sport Sharks, she wore it cause she says that  my Teal Love has spread to her in BC .

Who are You cheering for Prize Pack!

We are going to be having a contest for any “Who Are You Cheering For” entries submitted to the “Who are YOU cheering for?” blog.  Cheer for the Cure wants to celebrate and support inspiring stories and memories of community members who have been affected by breast cancer.  Has your gym rallied around someone to help them fight breast cancer?  Have you participated in other fundraising events?  How your team fundraising for Cheer for the Cure?  Send us your stories, pictures and videos!

Tell us who YOU are cheering for this season.

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Cheering for Auntie Kathy and My Dad

Hello my name is Brittany Legere, I am a special needs cheerleader with the Cheer Force Wolf Pack All Stars. I’m from Oakville, Ontario and this year I am cheering for my Dad and my Aunt Kathy. The reason why is my Dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 when I was in grade 10 at Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School and my Aunt Kathy is the one who got me started doing cheerleading. I have been cheerleading with the Cheer Force Wolf Pack for 2 years and I love it. They have supported me since I started my cheerleading career with Cheer Force so this years competition is for them and I will work hard on the performance floor with my team and our helpers that help us every time.
dadpic       cheeringforkathy

Cheering For Jackie

I am coach Kate from Simcoe County Stingrays in Barrie, ON. One of our athletes, 13 year-old MacKena Murray has recently been recognized for her countless hours, sweat and tears put into fundraising for cancer research, survivors, those battling and local cancer support centres. More importantly, standing by her Mother Jackie (who is also one of our Stingray coaches). Jackie had been battling stage 3 breast cancer and is recently a survivor!


MacKena was recognized in a segment by CTV News for her fundraising efforts. She will be competing with her Senior Stingray team at this year’s Cheer for the Cure competition, lead by our amazing coach Jackie, a true leader and inspiratuon to us all. We couldn’t be prouder.

Here is the video from CTV and I have attached a few photos of MacKena and her Mother as well




Kate Marchildon

Stingrays Cheer
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Cheering for Grandma Suzanne

Who Are You Cheering For?

I am cheering for my grandma Suzanne.

In December 2013, my grand mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Both my parents found out Christmas day of that same year. She had told them not to tell us kids, because she didn’t want to worry us with her health. My parents then kept this secret for about two weeks before letting any of us know what was going on.

My grandma went through a surgery to remove a lump on the side of her breast, and they thought, that was the end of it. But two weeks after my parents told us, so around the end of January, the doctors told her that they hadn’t gotten it all. She had to go through three months of chemo, and radiation. At the end of April, she had been told that there was no more cancer. I couldn’t have been happier.

When my team went to compete at a competition in Hull, she told my dad that she was coming. This competition was in February. I was worried that it was going to be too much for her, but she came anyways, and made ma a very happy athlete and grand daughter. (Picture added is from OCF championships, with my grandma’s husband Daniel, Me in the middle and Her on the right side)

I will always cheer for her, and be proud of how far she has come, and how many obstacles she has overcome in her life.

Chelsey Tessier (CPA Lions)

Who am I cheering for?

Hi I’m Hana- you may know me from the Cheer Evolution and Cheer for the Cure registration desks! I thought I would get this season kickstarted by telling you all my story about who I am cheering for.

I first heard of breast cancer when I was six or seven years old.  My best friend Nicole’s mother was diagnosed with it.  She used to lace my skates for me before taking Nicole and I to figure skating practice, and then I would complain about itchy feet that I couldn’t scratch all the way to the ice rink.  Unfortunately she passed away later that year, and while I don’t remember much, I do remember the sadness of the loss.

Myself, Nicole's mother, and Nicole (from left to right)
Myself, Nicole’s mother, and Nicole (from left to right)


Scan 142750013
Stephanie’s mother (Third from the left, top row)

Flash forward a few years and Nicole and I had taken up rhythmic gymnastics.  We quickly made our “best gym friend,” Stephanie.  The three of us would carpool to the gym 4 times a week, singing Lou Bega at the top of our lungs.  I don’t really remember how old we were, between the ages of 10 and 13, when Stephanie’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I remember the three of us sitting in the back of the car, just talking, when someone brought up a statistic that one in three women will get breast cancer.  With the Internet and research skills I now know that this statistic was incorrect, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation estimates that one in nine Canadian women is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime.  Either way, the statistic was scary then and still is now, and the three of us debated about which one of us would be the one to get breast cancer.  That car ride left me afraid of cancer, making it one of my top three fears in between ghosts and deep space.  Stephanie’s mother lost her battle with breast cancer after we had all quit gymnastics.

So, you may ask, who am I cheering for?  I’m cheering for the researchers who are helping to change the one in nine diagnoses into remissions.  I hope that breast cancer research can uncover a cure so that friends and families do not have to be separated from their loved ones.  I also hope that breast cancer can be cured so that little girls do not have to fear it, so that they can go back to being afraid of monsters and witches along with ghosts and deep space.

Nicole, Myself, and Stephanie

Would you like to share who YOU are cheering for?  Cheer for the Cure wants to celebrate your fundraising efforts, your home town heroes, and any other stories you would like to share.   Send your stories to talyssa@canadiancheer.com.

Who are YOU cheering for?

Cheer for the Cure wants to celebrate and support inspiring stories and memories of community members who have been affected by breast cancer.  Has your gym rallied around someone to help them fight breast cancer?  Have you participated in other fundraising events?  How your team fundraising for Cheer for the Cure?

Tell us who YOU are cheering for this season.  2012-12-08 18.31.56

Submit your story to Cheer for the Cure.
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Submissions can be sent to: talyssa@canadiancheer.com

C4TC 2014 date now set!

Join us on Dec 6 & 7th at the GM Centre in Oshawa, ON2012-12-08 04.12.04

This year we will be offering not one, but TWO whole days of action packed competition, including specialty and pom divisions, as well as all-star, school, and World’s division. All non-bid qualifying teams will be slated on either Saturday or Sunday depending on their level and division.

This year we want to know, “Who are YOU cheering for?!”  Send us your fundraising stories, photos, and videos- we want to celebrate you and your team’s efforts while you Cheer for the Cure!