Who are you cheering for?

Giuliana makes the cut for cancer!

“Giuliana, who cheers for the Cheer Strike Royals, Heiress team decided to chop her hair and donated it to Pantene, Beautiful Lengths program. Giuliana is always thinking of others before herself so when she asked me it wasn’t a surprise. She donated it on behalf of her great aunt Cari who is a breast cancer survivor. Giuliana is beyong excited to attend Cheer for Cure for the 3rd year!”


Running for Breast Cancer Awareness!

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Cheer Strike Royals are sharing their story!

“On October 2nd we were proud of our team of Royal parents who together raised over $1800.00 and participated in the CIBC Run for the Cure. With their children, Royal athletes, cheering on the sidelines of the run, our amazing Royal Family taught their kids what it means to give back and to make a difference.  We are so proud of our Royal Family’s accomplishments in raising funds for an important cause, setting a great example for their children and our athletes bringing smiles to the faces of all the runners”

Cheering For Grandma!

Story sent from Maddie’s mother:

“Maddie is a spunky and fun-loving flyer on the Megamouth Mini 2 team with the Cheer Sport Sharks. Cancer has been a nightmare in our family and taken the lives of many loved ones including her Aunt Jean, Aunt Teresa, Uncle Bob, and Great Nana and Great Papa. She’s cheering in their honour.


Perhaps most importantly, she’s cheering for her Grandma who is a cancer survivor and beaten lung cancer, cancer of the adrenal gland and breast cancer. This December she’s cheering for life and the precious gift of having her grandma to spend Christmas with.


A $5 donation to help fight this evil disease is an amazing gift.”


Cheering For Friends and Family

My name is Mariah and I cheer with the Cheerforce WolfpackI am cheering for my everyone who has been affected with cancerMy friends and familyI am also cheering for all children who are battling this awful diseaseLastly I am cheering for my daddy who died before he ever got to see me cheer


Hi, my name is Sawyer and I cheer for the Smalltooth Sharks out of Cambridge. My friend’s mom died of cervical cancer and I am Cheering for her! She was an inspiration to all that new her!



Cheering For Oma

My name is Kayla Slade and I am a coach and past athlete at Cheetah’s Cheerleading in Newmarket, Ontario.I have been attending Cheer for the Cure since I was an athlete in 2008 and C4TC means a TON to myself and countless athletes and staff at our gym because it helps spread the word and support those battling, not only breast cancer, but all forms of the disease.

I thought I would write in and share my story about some of the most inspirational people in my life. When I was younger my Oma (Grandmother in Dutch), was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My sister and I were told that Oma was going to have to fight hard and might get sick but that didn’t scare me because I knew Oma had the strength and fight inside of her. Throughout all of her treatments my family rallied around her keeping the positivity and fight alive, cheering her on. After countless radiation treatments and some surgery to remove tumours my Oma was told she had achieved remission status. Five years later, we were blessed with th enews that she had beaten the cancer.
In the Fall of 2013 my Opa (grandfather in Dutch) was diagnosed with a severe stage of prostate cancer and once again my family was hit with the shock that every person affected by cancer understands. We were told that there were treatments available, however, the efficacy of those treatments would be unknown. My Oma stood by his side showing her support and love, it being her turn to cheer him on as he endured radiation and hormone therapy. A few weeks into his treatments we noticed that my Oma was losing her energy and seemed sad and removed from everyone. We didn’t really understand why this was happening because at that point we had heard nothing but positivity from the doctors about my Opa’s reactions to the treatments.
One day, shortly after my Oma began to remove herself from conversations and lost her positive attitude we noticed that she was beginning to act less and less like herself. It was decided one particularly bad day when she was unable to speak to anyone that we would take er to the doctor to be assessed. It was on that day that our earth was shattered once again and we were told that my Oma had a rapidly aggressive form of brain cancer that was causing the extreme changes. All at once, both of my heroes were fighting for their lives and I was lost. My Oma, who was brought to Toronto Western Hospital for specialized treatments was fighting for her life. Soon enough we discovered that the cancer was not only located in her brain but had metastasized to her lungs. It was at this point that the most amazing and life changing thing happened. My Opa, fighting against the disease himself, reminded us that it isn’t a time to be depressed or sad, it’s a time for positivity and to cheer Oma on as she faced the fight of her life for the second time.
On December 24, 2014 my Oma passed away as a result of the cancer. However, the point of this story is not meant to be sad. The point of this story is that I am lucky enough to still have one of my heroes by my side. I still have someone to cheer on, someone who was just told by his Oncologist that he doesn’t need to see him again for a year! I am sad and I do miss my Oma because she was my best friend but I am happy and proud and blessed to have someone who is still courageously battling, combating and overcoming this disease.
Coach Kayla
Cheetahs Cheerleading


Cheering For Auntie Dawn

My name is Samantha Hunter, and I cheer for the PCT Cobras. I’m cheering for my auntie Dawn, a women who was full of love, confidence, and caring towards everyone.
My auntie Dawn was the type of family member that you always made a point of giving a good hug and goodbye to at family celebrations and reunions. There is no words to explain how much she loved the children in the family. How she would always open up her home for celebrations and parties. All the kids loved her smile and how pure her heart was.
Her last couple years were tough. We could all see her start to slow down and change. Her body, voice, and movements, but yet, her smile never faded away from her face. Her loving nature was never lost. We all would make sure we treasured her last moments. We all would give her a huge hug before saying goodbye when we saw her, knowing that it might be the last time we ever did.c4tcauntdawn
Cancer took her life 2 years ago, but her spirit still lives. Her bright smile in the darkest moments. Her laughter of purity on the quiet days. She always wanted all the children in the family to grow up and become loving and grateful of our lives. Of how lucky we were to have such a big family to care for us and to give us that extra push in tough situations. That voice in your ear that says “you can do it, I believe in you”.
I cheer for my auntie Dawn at cheer for the cure every year. She always wanted to come to one of my competitions but never made it to one. But I know she has seen all of them. She sits in the fan zone every competition cheering me on. Being that voice in my head saying, “Samantha, I believe in you”. That is all I need to keep moving forward.
My auntie Dawn  is the lady that inspired me to be a better person and to never take life, good health, and family for granted.  She is MY Believer.


Cheering For Sandee Fusco

My name is Stephany and I am a coach for Flyers All-Starz in Montreal. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of ’98. She battled with this illness for 12 years, and despite all her treatments, doctors appointments and surgeries she managed to be my biggest fan throughout my entire cheerleading career, always supporting me at every showcase and competition. My mother lost her battle with cancer in december of 2010, the same year I had finally made it onto a worlds team and was ready to make my dream a reality. Loosing a mother is the hardest thing anyone can ever experience, she was my everything, my best friend and to know that she wouldn’t be able to see me compete on that stage in Disney World was devastating. My 2010-2011 cheerleading season became bitter sweet, cheerleading helped me cope and don’t know how I could have made it through without my coaches and team mates. Once at worlds, ready to compete with my all-girl level 6 team I knew my mom was by my side and my performance would be for her. I know for a fact that she looked over me and my team, after an amazing first run and feeling like our goals had been accomplished, we managed to make it to day 2 and leave our hearts of the floor for a second time. s. Winning worlds felt like a dream, one I could have never accomplished without my mother, her unconditional love and support that allowed me to continue my passion. I cheer for my mom, Sandee Fusco, because she always cheered for me and also for every other woman out there who has had to face this terrifying disease, stay strong we are in this together.

Stephany De Rosa

Eric and Melinda La Violette Cheer for the Family and Friends

This year, I have the chance of having my daughter on the same team as me IOC5 Black Lightning from Sherbrooke. There is simply too much cancer around us. My father in law was affected many years ago, I have a friend suffering with it right now, my wife lost a good friend to it 3 years ago leaving 2 young born behind. Her boss got it and now less than a week ago she learned that one of her good friends has breast cancer. We have many reasons for cheering for the cure!
Eric La Violette and Melinda La Violette

Cheering for Auntie Janet

My name is Emma Martin, I am 11 years old  I am cheering for my Auntie Janet who was diagnosed with cervical cancer almost a year ago.  She has gone thru treatment and we are hoping that she has beat it !
My Aunt Janet lives in Nanaimo but she has always been an inspiration to me.  When I am struggling with anything in my life, I think of her smile and her laughter and that make me keep going.  I am not afraid of anything because I know what she has gone thru to get better.
I have a picture of my Auntie Janet going for her 1st treatment.  She has a teal jacket which is the color of my cheer gym Cheer Sport Sharks, she wore it cause she says that  my Teal Love has spread to her in BC .

Who are You cheering for Prize Pack!

We are going to be having a contest for any “Who Are You Cheering For” entries submitted to the “Who are YOU cheering for?” blog.  Cheer for the Cure wants to celebrate and support inspiring stories and memories of community members who have been affected by breast cancer.  Has your gym rallied around someone to help them fight breast cancer?  Have you participated in other fundraising events?  How your team fundraising for Cheer for the Cure?  Send us your stories, pictures and videos!

Tell us who YOU are cheering for this season.

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The winner will be randomly drawn on the Saturday morning at Cheer for the Cure 2014.  Get your submissions in and have a chance to share your story and win a prize.longsleeveshirt

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