School Divisions


Division Levels Available Age Gender Participants
Primary NOV, INT Grades 1-6 Male/Female Unlimited
Junior NOV, INT, ADV Grades 1-9 Male/Female Unlimited
Small Senior NOV Grades 7-12 Male/Female 5-20
Large Senior NOV Grades 7-12 Male/Female 21-Unlt’d
Small Senior INT, ADV Grades 7-12 No Males 5-20
Large Senior INT, ADV Grades 7-12 No Males 21- Unlt’d
Senior Coed INT, ADV Grades 7-12 Male/Female Unlimited
Collegiate 4 Post Secondary Male/Female Unlimited
CEGEP 5 Post Secondary Male/Female 36
Collegiate All-Girl 6 Post Secondary No Males Unlimited
Collegiate Coed 6 Post Secondary Male/Female Unlimited


School rules are equivalent to USASF/IASF safety guidelines.  Please follow the corresponding numerical level rules that are associated with your team’s level.

School Division Corresponding USASF/IASF Level Link
Novice (NOV) 2 USASF
Intermediate (INT) 3 USASF
Advanced (ADV) 4 USASF
Cegep 5 5 USASF
Collegiate 4 4 USASF
Collegiate 6 6 USASF