Scoring 2017/2018

Worlds Scoring

All USASF Worlds divisions will be adjudicated on the Canadian Cheer All Star Score Sheet.

Non Worlds Scoring

For the 2017-2018 season, Cheer Evolution will adopt the All Star Scoring System utilized by event producers across the US. Pairs of adjudicators will evaluate one of the three categories:

Building Skills

  • Stunts (Difficulty, Technique, Creativity)
  • Pyramid (Difficulty, Technique, Creativity)
  • Stunt Quantity

Jumps &Tumbling

  • Running (Difficulty, Technique)
  • Standing (Difficulty, Technique)
  • Jumps (Difficulty, Technique)


  • Dance/Motions
  • Overall Impression
  • Routine Creativity
  • Toss (Difficulty, Technique)

Score Sheets  (All Teams)

All Scoring information found: here.


Specialty Scoring

For specialty divisions, a panel of three judges will evaluate all categories of the routine.

Pom Scoring 

For pom divisions, a panel of three judges will evaluate all categories of the routine.

Score Sheets (Pom)

Scoring Philosophy

With the increasing complexity of routines, category adjudication allows judges to primarily focus on the precise skills they are adjudicating, allowing for more precise analysis and commentary and reducing the number of missed skills.

As cheerleading rapidly grows in Canada, we strongly feel that it is our job to provide coaches with critical feedback that will help them to be both safe and successful within Canada and on the international stage. Maxing out a level will result in high marks, encouraging teams still working within the level guidelines to stay in each level longer, thereby thoroughly learning all progressions before continuing to a higher level.

Challenging Scores

Coaches who wish to challenge scores they feel are out of range in DIFFICULTY or  to dispute a point deduction may meet with a score convenor for review. The score convenor will have the ability to review the discrepancy and reward/deduct points accordingly. Please be sure to fully read and understand the Score Challenge policy thoroughly, any coaches/program found to be abusing the system will be barred from challenging scores for the remainder of the season.